How Many Americans Own Firearms?

how many americans own firearms

A recent study from Pew shows that about a third of American adults own guns. Adults living in the Northeast and the Midwest are the least likely to own a firearm. Meanwhile, adults in the rest of the country are more likely to own a firearm. In addition, the percentage of gun-owning households varies greatly between urban and rural communities, with rural areas having the highest percentage of gun owners, while urban areas have the lowest percentage.

In 2018, nearly 120.5 guns were owned per 100 US residents, an increase from the 88 guns owned in 2011. This growth has slowed in recent years, but it has not stopped. From January 2019 to April 2021, 7.5 million new adult gun owners entered the ranks. Of these new owners, 5 million children and 11 million adults lived in homes with firearms. Half of those new gun owners were women, and nearly 40 percent were black or Hispanic.

According to Pew’s research, about 22 to 31% of adults in America own a gun. However, personal gun ownership has been decreasing for decades. Two-thirds of Americans do not own a gun, and 11% live in households without one. This means that there are many Americans who do not own a firearm, but would like to. The statistics are still encouraging. For those who do own guns, there are some important factors to consider.

In addition to these important factors, how many American adults own firearms? The figures are based on data from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC). In August 2016, the organization surveyed approximately 3,500 adults to determine whether they own firearms. This number is similar to those from the Gallup Organization, but is slightly higher than the General Social Survey, which is conducted face-to-face. Of these adults, four percent report owning a gun personally or at least occasionally. And ten percent reported that they had bought one through someone else.

The numbers show that gun ownership is more common among whites. Moreover, white males are more likely than non-whites to own a gun. However, only one-fourth of non-whites report owning a firearm. The study also showed significant differences among political parties. In general, white males are the most likely to own a firearm, while black and Hispanic men have the lowest proportion.

According to the NICS Firearm Background Check program, over forty million guns are purchased legally in the United States. That’s an increase of over forty percent from the previous year. And while the average gun owner has five firearms, nearly twenty percent of them own only a single gun. Despite the staggering statistics, Americans are unique among the community of nations with a relatively low number of firearms per person. In addition, there are some states where background checks are not required for gun purchases.

Despite the fact that the majority of gun buyers already have a gun in their home, the number of first-time buyers increased. While most gun buyers think they’re protecting themselves and their family, this study shows that there are several new firearms hazards that are associated with new gun ownership. The numbers of gun-owning Americans should be kept up to date to track any potential new dangers that may arise in gun ownership.