What Happened to Red Jacket Firearms?

what happened to red jacket firearms

In recent years, there has been a lot of buzz about what happened to Red Jacket Firearms. It was a gun store that used to be a popular stop for people looking to buy a handgun or a hunting rifle. But with the recent scandal involving the company’s owner, many people are left wondering what happened to Red Jacket. The answer may surprise you. Red Jacket’s former gunsmith, Glenn Flemming, has taken his experience and started a YouTube channel called The Gunners Vault. His channel provides a wealth of firearm-related content.

Throughout the show, fans were captivated by the characters’ skills and determination to succeed in their careers. Vince Buckles was a former chief gunsmith at Red Jacket Firearms, and had left the company at the end of season two. The two were friends and fell in love and eventually got married. They later had a son. After the show ended, however, the team closed their shop due to legal problems.

Will Hayden, the man behind the Red Jacket Firearms brand, is the founder and CEO of the company. Stephanie (Hayden) Ford, his wife, is the business manager and is a vocal advocate for gun safety and firearms training. The company’s other founder is Joe Meaux, who is a gunsmith and passionate about firearms design. Will Hayden’s other employees include Charlie Watson, who is the company’s marketing manager and a forensic firearms expert.

Despite the tragic events surrounding Red Jacket Firearms, Hayden has been successful in his own ventures. He owns Meaux Guns and Aklys Defense, two businesses that were in close proximity to Red Jacket Firearms. He also continues to work with Watson at these companies. Whether or not Hayden will be charged with a crime, his reputation is still at stake. And that is just one story.

In the first year of Red Jacket Firearms, the company came under heightened scrutiny. The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms (ATF) revoked the licenses of Hayden and his daughter Stephanie. In addition, there were 10 missing guns that were discovered in the company. Fortunately, the guns weren’t involved in a robbery, but this shouldn’t discourage anyone from purchasing a firearm.

Hayden’s arrest led to the cancellation of his TV show, Sons of Guns. Hayden was arrested on suspicion of raping a 12-year-old girl, and the show was canceled shortly thereafter. His sons were devastated to see him lose his business. Will Hayden was also denied custody of his youngest daughter. Despite the legal turmoil, he remains a long-time firearms owner.

Hayden then took tens of thousands of dollars from his business charge account. He intended to launch a side business with the funds and had planned to pay his former partners back with the profits. However, the company was eventually sued and Hayden was forced to reimburse the partners over $130,000. However, Hayden was unable to pay this amount due to his rape charges, so he opted to sell the company and move on to other endeavors.