Where Are ATI Firearms Made?

where are ati firearms made

American Tactical Imports manufactures and imports firearms from across the globe. Located in Summerville, SC, the company works with manufacturers in countries such as Germany, Italy, and Turkey to create quality firearms. They are known for offering competitive prices for their products. If you’re thinking of purchasing an ATI firearm, check out the company’s catalog to see which products they sell and where they’re made.

The company’s lineup focuses on AR15 rifles, but you’ll also find AK-47 models and pistols. The ATI line offers a variety of accessories, including rifle stocks and receivers. The company’s affordable firearms make them an ideal choice for beginners.

ATI also offers replicas of popular weapons, including the 1911 pistol and a modern tactical revolver. The company also has a renowned hammer and trigger pin retention system. If you’re a Glock shooter, you’ll love the familiar sight picture. It also comes with Austrian plastic sights and molded finger grooves, which may not line up with your hand size.

The ATI FXH-45 Moxie pistol is half a pound lighter than the typical 1911 pistol. Even 1911 aficionados may notice the difference. The gun also features a lightweight polymer frame. Its aluminum inserts give it greater stability and may address the issue of frame flex.

The ATI FX 1911 is an excellent entry-level 1911 handgun. While it doesn’t feature the bells and whistles that make other 1911s superior, the FX is a great choice for self-defense and range use. Its price is also competitive, which is a bonus.

The ATI S60 Gen2 MLS Schmeisser Magazine is another popular import from the ATI company. The pistol shoots 5.56x45mm and has a glass-reinforced polymer frame and unique follower system. This allows the magazine to have double the capacity without bulk.

If you’re looking to purchase a new firearm, it’s important to shop around for the best holster. A well-made holster will protect the gun from damage during the firing process. If you’re planning to use your ATI FXH-45 Moxie as a daily carry weapon, consider a lanyard loop and a comfortable, lightweight target trigger. The gun also comes with a hex head screw for overtravel adjustment.