A Question About Gunpowder and Firearms in Japan

Q. Which European country introduced guns and gun powder to Japan in approximately 15 43? I was wondering when this is true, and where the gun powder first originated. Thanks! Thank you.

A. It’s not clear which European country introduced gunpowder to Japan, but there are plenty of clues, as it turns out. For example, there were gunpowder recipes known in ancient China. There were also tell-tale marks of gun powder use from places like Italy, Spain, and the island nation of Taiwan, which can be dated back over two thousand years.

Also, gunpowder did not first become popular in Europe until the Renaissance. At the time, there was a fear that cannonball might cause the decline of feudalism in Japan, which was occurring at the time. Thus, the government started to study ways to make cannons more accurate, which led to gun powder, and eventually to the development of real firearms. This is believed to be around the fifteenth century.

Q. How did Japan get guns anyway? Were they stolen or gained through some kind of negotiation? Thank you.

A. The most likely place to find gunpowder in Japan is at the bottom of one of the world’s oldest volcanoes, Mt. Sumatra. Mt. Sumatra is well-known for eruptions, and the place was discovered by Japanese goldsmiths who would design firearms from gold pieces found in the erupting volcanoes. Interestingly enough, gunpowder is actually a compound of silicate gel and sulfur, which are burning together to form gunpowder.

Q. So which European country introduced gunpowder to Japan in approximately the same time period as stated above? A. France. It would have been during the period of Napoleon Bonaparte’s rule, who was originally from France.

Q. When was it that Japan began stockpiling guns and powder? A. Around the 14th century.

Q. Where can you find gunpowder in Japan? A. They don’t have any convenient stores, so you’ll have to look to the great outdoors to find them.

Q. How many guns did Japan have before they got gunpowder? A. Well, there were probably a lot more firearms invented than you think. There were several guns that were made specifically for throwing huge amounts of powder, and there were others that only had one shot.

Q. Why did Japan choose guns over other weapons that they could have used? A. Because gunpowder was a very effective way to cause mass casualties and to quickly put an end to any battle that was taking place.

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