How a Browning Citori 725 shotgun Can Work For You

Browning Citori 725 shotguns are produced by the Taurus Corporation in a variety of sizes, weights, models and configurations. While the manufacturer primarily focuses on hunting and other small game activities, their shotguns can be utilized for various other types of shooting sports as well. There are many types of shotguns available and one popular style is the low profile over-and-under shotgun. These types of shotguns are particularly popular among those who hunt from a more distance as they are less likely to have the shotgun reach them.

The low profile receiver offered by Taurus has an enlarged “hook” that fits inside the pistol grip, but does not sit above the finger rests. This ensures there is a clear path for movement while simultaneously having sufficient space to manage the shotgun. The resulting shotgun is both lighter than the traditional lever-action trap as well as having a reduced overall length. For this reason, this shotgun is most commonly used as a trap and skeet hunting style. In addition, due to the reduced length, this type of shotgun can be equipped with a special choke that works to restrict the shot to a very tight point at very little pressure.

When using a standard shotgun for skeet and trap shooting, shooters need to make sure that the shotgun is well supported in order to prevent it from malfunctioning during the shot. Many shooters place extra weight on the bottom of the gun and place a special hinge pin in the buttstock. With the shotgun firmly in place, this pin can lock the gun up so that it will not move when shot. However, this special support can also cause the gun to feel unstable and cause it to slam against the shoulder when the shooter is releasing the shotgun.

A shotgun that can be properly handled requires both accuracy and consistency with the shotgun’s shooting performance. The Taurus PTB and Citori 725 models offer shooters a very consistent mechanical advantage. This is because the left side of the shotgun features a recoil buffer, while the right side does not. Because of this, when shooters shoot the shotgun from either the left or right side, the recoil effect will hit both sides of the target at the same time. This means that the shooter will get one shot that is very consistent and leaves their target dead center, and the second shot will leave the target prone at the front or back of the target.

The mechanical excellence of the Taurus PTB and citori 725 models comes into play when shooters use these guns to take short shots. The trigger guard features a trigger that locks up while in the forward position. The inflex recoil pad locks up when the trigger is squeezed, and the gun fires each shot with pinpoint accuracy. Furthermore, many shooters prefer to use a suppressor on their Browning Citori 725 models in order to reduce hearing damage associated with long-range shots.

In summary, the Browning Citori 725 models are a great shotgun for all hunters. Their superior power, consistent shooting action, and excellent rubber grip contribute to their popularity. However, in order to make sure that every shot is reliable, a hunter should use a suppressor or a muzzle compensator with these weapons. Heavy duty recoil buffer, especially one with an adjustable gas system, is also a must for long range shooting.