How Many Firearms In The World Is There?

how many firearms in the world

How Many Firearms In The World Is There?

If you have ever gone to a history class on American history and asked how many firearms in the United States has made during their history, you would probably get an answer of over one million firearms. Now a question from your perspective might be, why is this? What makes this any different from say China or Vietnam? To begin with, there are two main reasons as to why the United States has so many firearms. One reason is that the population in the United States is large; this means that there were a lot more weapons manufactured in the States than in other countries which would result in a lot of firearms in the United States than elsewhere.

The second reason would be because the United States was a manufacturer of firearms before there were other countries. The reason that they made firearms in the first place was because they were warring against each other and needed weapons to win. If they had not made firearms then they would not have been able to fight. While the Chinese and the Indians were building firearms they were also considered criminals by the Americans. It was important to differentiate between the good guys and bad guys.

Today, even with all of the modernization and invention that went into the gun, it is amazing how many people own guns. The Second Amendment to the Constitution gives the right to bear arms explicitly, as well as the right of individuals to keep and bear arms all subjects shall be construed to include the right to keep and bear arms, except it shall prohibit any person from owning firearms if he or she is convicted of a felony. As previously mentioned, this amendment was put in place for the protection of the population, which would be threatened by an otherwise lawless group of people. It would ensure that all citizens would have a legitimate right to defend themselves and their families. This would have made any war much more justifiable, and it would have kept the American people from feeling like they were on the cusp of annihilation by a larger neighbor or empire.

One question often asked by historians is how many firearms were used in combat in world history? Well there are several answers to this question, but only one can truly tell who was the winner in any given battle. Unfortunately the United States has not released any records pertaining to their firearms usage during any major war. We do know that the British used a much larger number of firearms during the Boer War, as they were desperate for firearms to fight off the disciplined South African troops. However it was the German army that really gained the upper hand, by winning the war in a bloodbath that lasted four years.

Did the British end up losing the war because they did not have the correct weapons to win? No one quite knows, but some believe that the British economy simply did not have enough money to arm their soldiers sufficiently. Many argue that it was a logistical nightmare, and the cost was much too high. Also, a massive amount of ammunition and firearms ended up in the wrong hands, including members of the royal family. Many theories surround the reasons for why there was so much secrecy surrounding the number of firearms that Britain possessed at any one time.

One thing is certain, if you are interested in how many firearms in the world there are today, then you will want to continue reading this article about inventory records. Who knows, you might learn something new. Or at least you will be getting a little curious.