How Many Firearms in Us?

how many firearms in us

How Many Firearms in Us?

One of the questions that arises after a mass shooting or other high profile incident in the US is how many firearms in us there are. The usual response from most people is, well it’s not so much how many firearms in us, but how many were they carrying around at the time and therefore how many died? In other words, if we had a massacre how many more people would you have to kill to equal one firearm per capita? This is problematic because it leads to the question, how many of us carry firearms which can lead to mass shootings?

Unfortunately, because of my gun-owning uncle, I do have a link to gun violence. My uncle is a drug dealer. He’s been in and out of jail several times and was even once on death row. This tells you all you need to know about him. He’s not a bad person by any stretch of the imagination, but he does have a problem with guns and alcohol. It goes along with some of the other dysfunctional traits he has such as bipolar disorder, attention deficit disorder, and a host of other mental disorders that drive him to do terrible things.

Because of his addictive personality, how many firearms in us that he could have access to at any given moment? The answer to this question is obvious. How many firearms in us that he could buy, sell, trade, or give away and have them just waiting for his next prey? It doesn’t take a genius to figure out how many firearms he owns. And this doesn’t take into account the firearms that he has already purchased or traded in, nor does it take into account how many weapons he might have access to in the future.

We need to ask ourselves how many of us carry a firearm for self-protection and how many of us have a concealed carry weapon for protection and how many of us have plans for purchasing more firearms in the future. If we don’t think about the future, how can we plan for it? And if we don’t think about the future, how can we stop a bad man from shooting us? And how can we stop ourselves from having to own a firearm in the first place?

And what happens when there is an emergency situation (that we didn’t foresee)? If we have a firearm in our home, what happens to us if we accidentally fire it? What happens to all those rounds that are left lying around in our homes?

How many of those rounds do we want to end up in the hands of the wrong people? What would happen if a disgruntled employee came into our home with a gun because he thought we owed him money? What would happen if a child got his hands on one of our firearms and accidentally shot himself? What would happen if a wild animal decides to get its teeth on one of the firearms in our home? Those are the situations we are looking at when we are considering the possibility of too many firearms in our lives. It is time for us to consider the consequences of keeping too many firearms.