How Many Firearms in Us?

There is one question that has preoccupied the minds of researchers and statisticians for years, how many firearms are in US? The topic came up when one of the presidential candidates was asked during an interview by a reporter. He was grilled on his views on gun control and restrictions. After being pressed, the candidate finally gave a response. He stated;

how many firearms in us

“There’s only one person who’s ever shot a gun in this country, and that was our founding President,” he said, referencing an incident that took place during the revolution. Then he listed the other Presidents of the United States and they all had one common theme, they did not own firearms. “So how many Presidents own firearms now?” he was asked. “I don’t know, I don’t keep count,” was his response. The reporter then repeated the question and again, no figure could be given to answer the question.

There are different ways to look at things. The founding fathers would not have wanted total disarmament, as it would have reduced freedom greatly. They would have preferred that legislation to restrict handgun ownership by law, but not ban them altogether. If we were to look at the current times and take into consideration all of the school shootings, the high rate of suicides from firearms and the mass shooting incidents, it would be hard to find a person who would disagree with any of the above.

In actuality, as a country the United States has more firearms than any other country in the world. Some countries with stricter gun laws have fewer firearms per capita. As a result, the statistical data shows that there are more firearm related deaths than any other type of deaths out of any other cause. As regards the Second Amendment as it relates to a well regulated firearms industry, there is no question that there are some restrictions, but not a total ban. What about hunting rifles and shotguns? There are hunters, and people who are just interested in owning a couple of them for target practice.

As a society, how many firearms in us? There are too many to count. One estimate was as high as 300 million guns. This would include both rifles and handguns and just about all types of firearm.

I don’t think that the Second Amendment should be taken literally and I don’t think that it should even be part of the Constitution. However, if we are to limit a person’s right to own a firearm, I do not think that the right to bear arms is a fundamental right. I also don’t think that the Second Amendment gives anyone the right to shoot someone else. It should simply be considered a privilege, like freedom of speech. If you want to vote against the way in which we are operating as a society with regard to firearms, my personal opinion is that you should be able to vote against any legislation that attempts to limit any individual’s right to own a firearm.