How Much Does a Firearms Instructor Makes?

how much does a firearms instructor make

How Much Does a Firearms Instructor Makes?

“How much does a firearms instructor earn?” is a common question among firearm owners who are just starting out. Some instructors make a lot, others make a little. Regardless of how much they make, it is still a lot of money, and the long-term income can be pretty good.

When someone asks that question, usually they are interested in becoming an instructor or in changing their career to become a firearms instructor. If that is what you want, then how much does a firearm instructor make is the next question. The first thing to remember is that there are different types of instructors. There are classroom instructors, guide instructors, range instructors, and gunsmith instructors. Each has their own specialty, and each will make less money than other types of instructors.

So how much does a firearms instructor make when one is working for the government? That is an interesting question. For years, the federal government employed firearms instructors to help the general public with safety, training, and basic gun safety. In most cases, these individuals were required to have a concealed weapons permit, which could potentially lead to jail time if they were caught. Over the past few years, the Bush administration has scaled back these requirements, and while there is no guarantee that instructors will still be required to have a C.O.D., it is unlikely they will be fired from their jobs.

If you are interested in being an instructor, one thing that you will need is a firearm license. These can be obtained from your local police department or sheriff’s office, or by filling out the application online at the U.S. Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms’ website. The application is quick and easy, and you should receive your license within a week. Once you have your license, you will have to take a written examination, complete a training course, pass a background check, and complete a test to prove that you know how to use your firearm safely. You will not be allowed to own a firearm unless you pass all three tests.

Once you have received your firearm license, the remainder of the job will be up to you. Some states only require that you get an instructor certification; others simply require that you complete an approved training course. There are also opportunities to work through state-created organizations or associations to complete additional training and certification. When it comes to answering the question, how much does a firearms instructor make, the actual pay is generally tied to the number of classes you participate in and the number of hours you work.

If you want to become a firearms instructor, there are some options available for you. For instance, some schools offer on-the-job training and may not require a license. Others will require a license but also will provide on-the-job training. For more information on how much does a firearms instructor make, you can check with your local licensing board.