How to Be a Firearms Instructor

how to be a firearms instructor

How to Be a Firearms Instructor

There are many options available when considering how to be a firearms instructor. One of the most popular is taking an advanced course that gives the student the ability to work in a clinical environment under the supervision of a licensed firearms instructor. The basic requirements for this type of course are a high school diploma and a valid license from a state that grants firearm instruction. Students can also take the basic course at a community college as long as it can be completed online. However, there are a few things to consider before enrolling in any online classes or courses for obtaining this certification.

When learning how to be an instructor, students will have to meet minimum qualifications for their particular state’s requirements. These requirements usually vary but will include knowledge of how to use a firearm, proper procedure for handling one and safe storage of the weapon. Applicants will also need to pass a background check administered by their state. It is best for students to avoid carrying their guns in a public location such as a classroom during their first few months of enrollment. For this reason, some instructors require their students to sign a non-disclosure agreement. This gives the instructor protection from potential lawsuits if the gun is accidentally dropped or other similar incidents.

Once the basic course is complete, prospective students can choose to take an advanced course. Advanced gun training courses offer more hands on instruction. They usually involve live shooting scenarios where students simulate shooting a live weapon. Students will learn how to handle, load and aim a gun. Advanced instructors are typically recommended by gun stores and range masters.

The last two classes, how to be a firearms instructor require minimal supervision by the instructor. These classes allow students to practice shooting a semi-automatic or fully automatic weapon under the close supervision of the teacher. Some instructors provide students with practice targets while others provide targets with paper targets. A final class, commonly referred to as the hunter safety course, requires no supervision at all and is only offered by some private companies.

How to be a firearms instructor is not limited by state law. Almost any local governing body can set its own educational requirements. Even community colleges and universities can establish their own curriculums. In many states, however, firearm instructors must be licensed through a process that varies from state to state. Most states require at least a bachelor’s degree in a related field; however, some states may also require a master’s degree in addition to the bachelor’s degree.

Students interested in learning how to be a firearms instructor should check the state’s requirements before applying. Federal law requires students to pass a test in order to legally own a firearm. However, most states have no laws regarding the age or potential age of potential students. Potential students should carefully consider whether they are likely to pass the exam before pursuing this career.