How to Become an NRA Firearms Instructor

how to become an nra firearms instructor

If you are considering teaching firearms to the public, you may be wondering how to become an NRA firearms instructor. First of all, you need to earn your trainers certification. You can do this by taking a basic course in the discipline you want to teach. The prerequisites for this course can range from a few hours to several days. The course will include basic teaching techniques, methodology, budgeting, organizing courses, and using training aids.

You should have a strong knowledge of handguns before deciding to teach others. An NRA Basic Pistol Course is an excellent place to start. Once you’ve taken the NRA Basic Pistol course, you can begin teaching students of all skill levels. Make sure to get the endorsement of the NRA Training Counselor who is teaching the course. You can also take the NRA Instructor Certification exam.

There are many ways to become an NRA firearms instructor. There are online courses and instructor certification programs. Many firearms organizations offer training materials for instructors. Some NRA firearms instructors also choose to purchase insurance. This insurance helps them cover accidents, injuries, or damage to property. NRA endorses Lockton Affinity Outdoor, and a policy costs $150 to $300 per year. Depending on the number of ratings you want to teach, you’ll need to purchase additional insurance policies.

After you’ve completed the NRA’s training course, you’ll have to pass a national exam. The exam is designed to measure your knowledge of firearm safety, and the use of proper training aids. During this examination, you’ll need to obtain an endorsement from a NRA Training Counselor. The NRA’s Training Counselors are experienced firearms instructors who know what to teach and what to expect from students.

NRA requires a minimum of four students to conduct the Basic Pistol Course. If the minimum isn’t met, Great Atlantic Firearms Training will refund the fees and offer alternate dates. The two-day 16-hour course is comprised of a Basic Instructor Training and discipline-specific training. You can earn your instructor license through the NRA and get paid as you train. All NRA courses have a rigorous educational requirement.

To earn your NRA Firearms Instructor Certificate, you must pass the SAFTEA Methods of Instruction and Range Officer courses. The course will teach you the best practices in teaching firearms. If you’re ready to begin teaching, you must submit a two-page bio, copies of your training, and a copy of your current firearms license. It is important to remember that instructors must also be licensed to own and carry firearms under Federal and State laws.

Taking an NRA Firearms Instructor Course qualifies you to teach most gun owners. However, law enforcement comes with its own set of challenges. While the NRA Firearms Instructor Course qualifies most gun owners, the National Rifle Association and the National Association of Certified Firearms Instructors offer a 10-day course for law enforcement personnel. If you’re looking to become an NRA Firearms Instructor, the first step is to apply for a course. These training programs are open to law enforcement officers who’ve passed a background check and completed a handgun skills assessment.