How to Get a Firearms License in New Jersey

In order to obtain a firearms license in New Jersey, an applicant must apply through the state police or their local police department. The application requires a background check, two references, consent to search mental health records, and payment of fees. First-time applicants must be fingerprinted. The process takes about 30 days. Once approved, the license can be displayed on the applicant’s gun-related ID card.

how to get a firearms license in nj

Upon approval, the applicant will receive an electronic permit in the mail. This permit is valid for two years and is valid for as many handgun purchases as the person possesses. The process is relatively simple. To get started, the first step is to submit a completed application online. It is possible to complete the application in one session, allowing you to process the application at the same time.

Once the application is complete, an applicant must pay local fees with the NJ State Police in Old Bridge. After that, the application will be submitted to the New Jersey Firearms System-NJ Portal for review. The email will have a link to download the E-FID and the Access Key. Once the E-FID is approved, you will have one year to download it. Print a copy for your records.

To get your Firearms License, you must complete the application form online and pay the local fees. You must also be at least 18 years of age and fingerprinted for the first time. The licensing authority for New Jersey depends on where you live. You can visit the office of the State Police in Old Bridge to pay your local fees. Once the application is submitted, you must monitor your email regularly for updates or any additional information that we need.

To purchase a firearm, you must obtain a Firearms Purchaser Identification Card or FID. You must be physically present to obtain your license. During the application process, you must provide three character references to prove your good character. The references must sign the application form to verify your identity. The process will take several weeks if you do not provide all the required information. You must also provide proof of your income and other pertinent information.

In order to obtain a Firearms License in New Jersey, you must apply in person. While a firearms license in New Jersey can be obtained online, it is recommended that you visit the Old Bridge Police in person to get your application processed. However, it is still necessary to visit the state police offices in the state to apply for a FCP. If you cannot get a FCP from the local police office, you must submit the paperwork in person.