Modifying Your Taurus Pistol

The Taurus G3 9MM is a solid striker-fired handgun with a full-scale polymer internal frame constructed of durable 9MM brass. It boasts a smooth trigger with an audible trigger catch for reliable trigger control and consistent shot placement. This Taurus has many functional features that ensure comfort and ease of use. Although this gun is lightweight and smaller than many other handguns, the size does not compromise accuracy or reliability. This Taurus also offers many great features which make it perfect for self-defense or home protection.

One of the best features on this handgun is the grip frame. Unlike many handguns which have small, open grips, the Taurus features a tight, comfortable grip frame that eliminates many common handling problems associated with most other handgun styles. The grip frame is covered with finger guards that are easily reached and comfortable. The Taurus G3’s trigger guard is also well textured for better grip. The trigger has three positions for use – either as a safety/disposable one or on the top of the frame for increased control during firing.

For safe and effective personal defense, many models of Taurus guns include a personal defense system. These safety systems consist of a two-way fire-power accessory that offers constant monitoring of the handgun’s status at all times. The accessory includes a keychain attachment and belt clip connector and includes multiple functions such as automatic fire, touch-pointing and non-contact activation. It is conveniently attached to the handgun by snapping into two separate parts with the aid of a strong magnetic force. These accessories come in both stainless steel and carbon steel finishes and feature an ergonomic grip for comfortable handling. They are also compatible with other models of Taurus handguns.

One additional feature found on many models of Taurus guns is the addition of an enlarged trigger guard. The trigger guard is constructed out of an aluminum alloy, with some models having two (2) separate panels while others are built in one unit. The enlarged trigger guard allows for more friction and less movement when the shooter is attempting to employ his or her second strike technique. The second strike technique, popular among tactical riflemen, involves utilizing the recoil energy produced by the firing pin to strike at the target’s body at an upward angle. As the shot smacks the target at this angle, much of the energy produced will be transferred to the rear of the attacker’s hand, resulting in minimal wound or death. By using an oversized trigger guard, the larger cartridge and reduced recoil of the Taurus g3 9mm can allow for more confidence in the attacker in using this technique.

Some models of the Taurus pistol feature what is called a slide stop, located on the left side of the frame behind the magazine well. Sliding the slide gently back and forth against the frame, the slide stop allows the pistol owner to place pressure on the slide at the perfect moment to cause maximum lethality. The design of the Taurus pistol’s slide stop is similar to that of the standard GI gun sights found on most military and law enforcement pistols. The only noticeable differences between these two pieces of hardware is that the front sight on the standard gun sight can be adjusted, making it easier to place for the right eye, and the slide stop features a built-in adjustment mechanism that makes it easier to cock the pistol and load the chamber. Both of these handy features make the Taurus pistol ideal for regular range use.

One of the most popular modifications made to a standard Taurus model is the addition of a palm swell. The palm swell, located on the bottom of the grip around the magazine catch and on the sides of the trigger, provides for additional gripping surface area and gives the pistol owner more control over the firearm. The addition of a palm swell also makes it easier for the pistol owner to access the bolt even when the pistol is not in the holster, as there will be a small gap between the front sight and the bolt. Because of these added benefits, palm swell has become a common modification for many models of Taurus pistols.