What Happened to Red Jacket Firearms?

what happened to red jacket firearms

What Happened to Red Jacket Firearms?

Many people may be asking, “What happened to Red Jacket Firearms?” This question is a common one among firearms enthusiasts. Although the company ceased operations, several employees are still working there, albeit under different names. While a long wait time is to be expected, the employees are now living the high life away from the dark times of the past. This article will examine what happened to the company. The following information will provide you with some insight into this story.

First, let us look at what happened to Red Jacket Firearms. Will Hayden is the owner of the store. After achieving fame and success as a television show, he pleaded guilty to various charges. He was convicted of three life sentences and 40 years in prison for a crime he committed in order to steal thousands of dollars from his customers. As a result, Will Hayden has to spend a significant amount of time in prison. As a result, his business and reputation have suffered.

The two owners of Red Jacket Firearms have since moved on and rebranded the store as Meaux Guns and Ammo. While the shop is now closed, it remains open as a website. Joe Meaux, co-owner of the store, tried to keep it going, but the allegations against him have resulted in the store closing down. Even though he was fired from the company, Hayden continues to run the business.

After the shop closed, the former employees have moved on. Joe Meaux, who is the Chief Operations Officer of the company, has tried to move the business away from the damaged reputation. As the shop was shut down, Glenn Flemming left the company. He has now set up a YouTube channel called The Gunners Vault and started two new businesses, Aklys Defense and Meaux Guns, in order to stay relevant to his fans.

Will Hayden had a successful firearms shop and a tv show that gained international attention. After the crime, Will was sentenced to three life sentences and forty years in prison. The store closed, and Will Hayden has yet to return. In the meantime, there are other reputable and reliable online dealers like Slickguns. There are also a few websites that offer discounts and deals on firearms and accessories.

After the Red Jacket Firearms scandal, the former owner and his family moved on. The Meaux family opened Aklys Defense, and Stephanie Hayden shifted focus to other family businesses. She opened IAC Wargames, an airsoft range. She also opened Ford Guns, a gun shop operated by her father. The two people were a couple, and Hayden and Meaux managed both businesses.