What Happened To Red Jacket Firearms?

There have been many rumors and false stories surrounding the Red Jacket Firearms distributor. This has come from both the distributors own story and from the stories that have been told by people that have had dealings with the company. I know that when the “Red Jacket Firearms Exposed” story hit the internet, it was all of a sudden a bunch of stories about how the whole thing was started. I don’t know that anything like that ever actually happened, but there were definitely stories being told that we’re just not true. I am going to take a quick look at some of the things that happened behind the scenes at Red Jacket Firearms while they were running this operation.

what happened to red jacket firearms

I’ll start by talking about one of the long-time employees of the company. The name of the person is Richard Thompson. Richard was a former marine and had worked at Red Jacket Firearms for over 7 years. It was his opinion that the products that were being distributed by the company was inferior in quality and that the company didn’t pay enough attention to their product quality.

A few years later, another employee of the company decided to bring a personal story into the story. This story involved an employee that had quit. This employee stated that the “Red Jacket Firearms exposed” story was false and that the whole company needed to clean house. The story eventually faded out of the local news sources and never made it to the press. I do not know what happened to the employee that made the story, but I do know that this person did bring their story to the attention of one or more news sources.

A couple years after this story ran in the newspaper, another disgruntled employee came forward. This person claimed that he worked at Red Jacket Firearms for over six years. He stated that the distributor that he worked for made sexual comments towards him on a daily basis. He also said that there were other people in the company that were jealous of his position and discriminated against him because he was a black man. Eventually, this man filed a lawsuit against the company. A settlement was eventually reached, but this story became national news.

The distributors that were named in the suit all settled out of court. One of them settled for a very generous sum. Another one is appealing their case to the United States Supreme Court. As of right now, none of the three has been fired from the company. There are several employees that remain employed by the company.

If you have read this entire article, then you are probably wondering how the “Red Jacket Firearms” story began. Well, if you’re like most people, the answer is probably “very slowly”. The story grew over time and unfortunately, the perpetrator died before any findings were made. Until a solution is found, I will continue to cover the story here at Associated Press Style.