Where Are Chiappa Firearms Made?

Chiappa Firearms is a family business that specializes in making replicas of vintage American guns. Its headquarters is in Brescia, Italy, and it has a commercial branch in Dayton, Ohio, which manufactures and warehouses its products. The company has more than 150 employees, many of whom are female. A female employee’s higher hand-eye coordination is a primary contributing factor to the high quality of Chiappa Firearms.

where are chiappa firearms made

The Italian company is known for its muzzle-loading firearms, such as the Rhino 50DS revolver. The barrel is aligned with the cylinder bottom, reducing the felt recoil. They also produce the Sharps Infantry, a double trigger revolver, and Sharps Down Under, which is a heavy-barreled pistol with a heavy barrel. The company’s headquarters are located in Dayton, Ohio.

Unlike many other companies, Chiappa’s manufacturing facility is located in Italy. In addition to handguns, the company produces rifles, shotguns, signal guns, and machine guns. The company’s U.S. subsidiary, Chiappa Firearms USA, Ltd., is a division of the Italian firm. The company focuses on a customer-centric design and technological advancement to provide the highest quality firearms.

While the company’s name may suggest that it makes revolvers, it is a manufacturer of semi-autos. In fact, Chiappa firearms are the most widely available in the United States. The company manufactures several models of semi-autos and revolvers, including the full-grain Chiappa Rhino. You can buy the company’s full-grain, breech-loading, and centerfire Sharps.

Chiappa firearms have a long history, but the company’s most popular product is the Rhino, which is a triple-barrelled, double-barrelled shotgun. Its low-cylinder-barrel alignment reduces muzzle rise. Some Chiappa firearms are prohibited in the U.S., but you can still purchase one for yourself.

The company also produces a number of rimfire training pistols, including the M9-22, which is based on the Beretta M9. It features iconic controls and is a replica of the Beretta M9, and can be used by those who have trouble with 9mm guns. Its M9-22 and 1911-22 are other rimfire pistols. Whether you’re looking for a semi-auto or a replica, Chiappa will have a firearm to fit your needs.

Although Chiappa firearms are mostly produced in Italy, the company also produces a number of other models in the U.S. The company employs about 14 people in Kentucky and Ohio, and plans to double its U.S. workforce to 30 by 2018. The production of Chiappa firearms is continuing to grow exponentially. A new product line is added every year, and the line includes both semi-automatic and fully-automatic pistols.