Where Are Ruger Firearms Made?

A popular question among firearm enthusiasts is, where are Ruger firearms made? The company has two factories in North Carolina and Prescott, Arizona, and employs more than 2,000 workers nationwide. Founded in 1856, the company has a long history of producing high-quality rifles and shotguns. While the company has a large manufacturing footprint, it does not produce its firearms in any of those locations. Instead, it assembles its guns at its three manufacturing facilities.

where are ruger firearms made

The Ruger Standard was the company’s first product. In order to create it, Ruger purchased a Japanese Nambu pistol and tried to duplicate its design in his own workshop. While he was unable to start a company without much funding, Alexander Sturm provided him with $50,000 in venture capital. That helped the company take off, and in the first quarter of 2018, sales of Ruger firearms reached $123.6 million.

Ruger’s long history in the firearms industry was instrumental in its development. In 1949, the company produced over 20 million guns. Its main location is Southport, Connecticut, and it maintains manufacturing facilities in Prescott, Arizona and Mayodan, North Carolina. The company also has subsidiaries in Earth City, Missouri, Pine Tree Castings in Newport, New Hampshire, and Mayodan, North Carolina. The Ruger Company purchased Marlin Firearms from the bankrupt Remington Outdoor Company in September of the following year.

The Ruger Standard rifle was developed after Sturm and Ruger acquired two baby Nambu pistols from Marines. The Ruger Standard, the first semi-automatic pistol, was designed in the 1940s. Inspired by the 9mm German Luger, it combined the aesthetics of the American Colt Woodsman. This was the basis for Sturm and the Ruger name. These guns were known as the “Ruger Standard” and eventually, the company acquired the Sturm and Rufer and Sturm & Rieger companies.

The Ruger Standard factory began making guns in the 1940s. They were produced in a small building in Southport, Connecticut. The Ruger Standard was intended for plinking. The Axis nations were also influenced by the design of the Axis handguns. The pistol’s ergonomics were refined to make it easy to shoot. The Standard was a big hit with shooters, and became the first semi-automatic gun.

The Ruger Standard is the company’s first handgun. It was marketed as a sport and was originally marketed as a plinker. Since then, it has become the second-largest manufacturer in the United States. The Ruger brand was founded by Alexander Sturm and is still based in Connecticut. Today, it has five factories in the US. The original building is now home to a real estate company.