Who Makes Radical Firearms Barrels?

who makes radical firearms barrels

If you’re looking for a quality rifle barrel, Radical Firearms has you covered. The 7.5-inch, 4140 Chrome Moly Vanadium barrel on this model features a 1:7 twist rate, and a Melonite finish. You can’t go wrong with this gun, and the price is right too. And if you don’t need a big caliber rifle, you can get a great deal on this model, which also features a 7.5-inch barrel.

For the most part, these rifles are built by Radical Firearms. If you’re a new gun owner, you should check out their offerings. They have everything you need in a rifle, including a quality barrel and trigger. And you’ll get one that costs under $600! So, if you’re looking for a new gun for a low price, Radical Firearms is the company for you!

Radical Firearms is a relative newcomer to the AR-15 world. The company has been in business for about five years, but has grown exponentially in that time. It’s not only gaining popularity, but it’s also carving a niche for itself as a manufacturer that offers high-quality, budget-friendly rifles. They’ve also started manufacturing many of their parts in-house.