Who Owns Marlin Firearms?

Marlin Firearms Company was first purchased by Frank Kenna for $100. In 1931, the company went through several owners, including a million dollar mortgage, and is still owned by the same family. Kenna was the company’s first president, and introduced pre-war designs into the company’s portfolio. He also expanded the company’s product line to include razor blades. It’s not clear if Mr. Kenna’s heirs are still involved with the company.

In 2010, Remington Arms, part of the Remington Outdoor Company, acquired Marlin Firearms and incorporated their production into their own business. The two companies worked together for decades before Marlin’s merger with Sturm, Ruger, and Company in 2020. The company is currently owned by Cerberus Capital Management, L.P., a private equity firm based in New York. Mr. Feinberg founded Cerberus in 1992 and serves as the company’s CEO.

The company has been manufacturing rifles for many years and has branched out into shotguns and revolvers. Their recent focus on large-caliber rifles is the reason they’ve become the company’s leading brand of leverguns. These rifles are excellent counterpoints to similar calibre revolvers. They also come with a variety of accessories that make them easy to use in the field.

Since the turn of the century, the Marlin Company has changed hands several times. John Marlin passed away in 1901 and left it to his two sons. They both inherited the company. In 1910, John Barlow, the former head of the Ideal Reloading Tool Company, retired from his role. In turn, Marlin acquired Ideal Bullet Molds and Perfect Handbooks. This move would allow the company to continue the Marlin name.

Ruger recently purchased Marlin Firearms’ brand name from Remington and plans to produce iconic Marlin sporting rifles. The acquisition came about after a bidding war in late September. Ruger paid $28 million for the assets. The deal is a major coup for Ruger, who has acquired several other brands. It’s likely that more people will buy Marlin Firearms once they learn about the new ownership.

Marlin was also an early innovator of long-range rifles. Their Model 1894 lever-action rifle was based on the 1893 action. It chambered for large hunting cartridges and became an instant hit with hunters in heavy woods. However, the Model 1895 was not as popular as its successor, the Model 336. Marlin’s reputation as a manufacturer was a factor in its success.

For more than a century, Marlin engineers have been constantly seeking ways to improve their products. They created the first side-ejecting solid-top receiver and patented Micro-Groove rifling. The company also introduced the T-900 Fire Control System for bolt-action rimfire rifles. The T-900 Fire Control System is another innovation in the Marlin lineup.