Who Owns Marlin Firearms Now?

In this piece I am going to reveal exactly how I came to own Marlin Firearms today. If you are interested in learning more about the gun company and where it is located, then continue reading this. Specifically I am going to share with you my journey from the casual collector to avid gun enthusiast. If you are interested in learning more about me and what company I operate under please read on.

who owns marlin firearms now

In 1998 a friend and I got together with some friends and got ourselves an airsoft guns and accessories company. The three of us bought a franchise and name the company Marlin Firearms. The next two owners were my brother and a friend. Ever since that time the company has gone very well, we have a great number of loyal customers and distributors that keep coming back.

So, who owns Marlin Firearms now? The name of the gun company is actually Marlin Firearms LLC. It was purchased by a friend of my brother in 1998. Since that time it has had two other owners. One of those was Donnie Andrews, he went on to purchase the entire company. He had bought everything out there including warehouses, manufacturing facilities, sales support, and all the trucks needed to run the business.

Donnie and his brother, Robert, ran the company as a single entity for about ten years. That was until they sold it to a much larger company in 2021. Ever since the sale of the gun ownership has been extremely low. Most of the guns Donnie sells are replicas and do not fall under any type of regulated gun ownership requirements in most states. However, since they are so closely related to an already existing firearm they are subject to regulation.

After selling the company, Donnie did not have any further interest in firearms and decided to sell all his guns. Prior, to selling his company to its current owner he went through a background check with the local police. It took him about two years to complete the transaction. The current owner took over shortly after. During this entire period Donnie was never involved in the management or the day to day operations of the business. In fact, during the entire period of ownership Donnie has never even picked up the phone to make a call to sell a gun!

So who owns Marlin firearms now? The answer is… you. Donnie never had any further interest in guns after selling his business. You, however, may be interested in purchasing one of his guns to use for target practice, because that is what they were intended for.