Who Owns Taurus Firearms?

Taurus is one of the three largest manufacturers of small arms in the world. They have been in business for 80 years, starting as a small tool manufacturer in Porto Alegre, Brazil. This company now boasts over 13,000 employees and a new factory in rural Georgia. The company also offers a lifetime warranty on all of their products. That guarantee is unique among small arms companies, and makes Taurus a great choice for anyone looking to purchase a firearm.

In 1982, Taurus began manufacturing firearms and ammunition and formed the company Taurus Holdings, Inc. in Miami, Florida. During that time, the brand was relatively unknown in the United States, so they decided to expand their presence in the country. Their new policy regarding quality control changed the industry. The company’s policy is still unsurpassed in this industry today. The gunmaker has never had a safety problem with its firearms.

While this policy may be a little restrictive, it is worth a try. If you’re a gun owner, it’s important to know the quality of your Taurus. You can trust that it’s safe. With a lifetime warranty, you’ll have no trouble making an accurate and reliable shot. And when the gun breaks, you can take it to a certified gunsmith and get it fixed.

In addition to their lifetime warranty, Taurus firearms are covered by a two-year warranty. If the gun breaks, you don’t have to pay a penny to have it repaired. In addition, many people prefer Taurus handguns over other brands. You don’t have to worry about the quality of your new firearm. This is because they’re known for their reliability and accuracy, and they don’t require any expensive repairs or replacement parts.

While Taurus is a relatively new gun company, it has a rich history of innovation and a long-standing reputation for quality. While the company has a longstanding reputation for excellence in gunmaking, it is still in its infancy. With a few exceptions, though, the brand has been around for centuries. The most important aspect of the Taurus handgun is its metal. In the beginning, it is made of titanium.

The company also owns Beretta firearm designs. In 1974, the company was awarded a contract with the Brazilian Army to produce small arms. The factory was built in Brazil and employed Brazilian labor. In 1980, Beretta sold its assets to Forjas Taurus, which continues to produce the PT-92 pistol. It has also partnered with several local communities. These communities are critical for the success of the company.

The company owns a few hundred thousand guns in the US. The majority of their products are imported from Taurus Armas, and Taurus International handles servicing of all Taurus branded firearms in the US. However, the company never owned Taurus and instead passed the technology to the company. In the US, it is based in Bainbridge, Georgia. Its headquarters is located in Miami, which allows easy access to US consumers.